Top customer challenges and complex conceptual focus areas we helped to model and concretise the last 10+ years:

1Radio spectrum license acquisition
Strategy and valuation (multi-band auctions, valuation model, valuation matrix), pre-licensing regulatory argumentation (caps, floors, license obligations, set-asides)
4G/5G coexistence, dynamic spectrum sharing, massive MIMO, FDD-TDD, spectrum layer deployment strategy, spectral efficiency, network capacity, 5G status icon vs meaningful 5G performance, RF-EMF radiation regulatory limit impacts
Passive, Active (MOCN, MORAN), TowerCo carve out/divestment, spectrum pooling, lock-in and network economics impacts
Mobile-centric convergence (MCC), FMS/FWA, 4G/5G home broadband and TV. Unlimited mobile data market experience highlights: Finland, Hungary, Switzerland
Open RAN is the next big trend and infrastructure vendor paradgim shift with knock-on effects on all layers of the mobile telecoms business. We are talking to vendors and early adopter MNOs to better understand performance and practical deployment aspects as well as software and hardware pricing mechanisms and vendor-economics.

Our proven 7-layer approach to frame, model, analyse and concretise complex techno-economic concepts:

  • 1
    Gathering research/market intelligence based on any public sources, our own existing international data collections, benchmarks and our extensive industry experience and insights
  • 2
    Data mining and statistical analysis from Geo/GIS, OSS/BSS, network configuration repositories, radio planning tools, crowd sourced databases, authority antenna registers to conceptualise best modelling approach and calibrate assumptions
  • 3
    Framing meaningful and relevant yet manageable modelling scenarios
  • 4
    Factoring in and modeling relevant techno-economics aspects of latest 4G/5G wireless technologies and vendor economics drivers
  • 5
    Sizing relevant aspects of market and traffic demand by bottom-up and/or top down modelling approach
  • 6
    Integrating scenarios and techno-economic logic into automated spreadsheet-based business modelling framework
  • 7
    Running model scenarios, visualising and interpreting outcomes, concretising concepts

Our industry insights

Pal Zarandy (M.Sc, Electrical Engineering), Managing Director, is a seasoned mobile industry expert, advisor and manager with over 20 years experience gained from more than 20 telecoms markets, from the vendor side, the mobile operator side and the external strategy advisor side:

  • Ericsson Research: inventing worldwide mobile network performance improvement patents
  • Vodafone: network performance manager, commercial senior manager, pioneering unlimited mobile data in 2007
  • Omnitele, Rewheel (co-founder), 2ndConcept Telecoms Advisory: mobile telecoms strategy consultant and advisor

The last over 10 years Pal has been advising expert teams, C-level executives and boards of

  • Mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)
  • Telecoms regulatory and competition authorities
  • Mobile infrastructure vendors
  • Global IT, tech, internet and media companies
  • Governments, Banks, Investment Funds, VCs

Mobile data technology, network-economics, spectrum, profitability and competitiveness focused reports co-authored by Pal and his partner at Rewheel consultancy Antonios Drossos have been cited by OECD Economic Surveys, The Economist, The Financial Times, The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, WSJ and publicly referenced by the UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, BIPT, Vodafone, Telefonica, Tele2, Elisa, DNA, GSMA, VPs of the EU Commission responsible for Competition, MEPs, IEEE, ITU.

Please find some client testemonies under our Linkedin launch post, here.